Five must-haves for nursing school that I cant go without.

I’m a huge school/office supply junkie, I love buying highlighters, pencils, binders, notebooks, etc. don’t ask me why I’m just one of those people I guess. But when I came to school I brought a lot of things I did and did not need. Here is a list of the top 5 things I use most.

Texas instrument calculator (full transparency I already had this) but having a reliable calculator is a must when it comes to dosage calc.

A good quality backpack- you have a lot of stuff to keep up with a good backpack is a must to carry all of your books.

Anatomy coloring book- it helped a lot more then you would think. The one I purchased has labeling and descriptions of the body systems.

Sticky notes- if I showed you my books you’d see I use these to notate almost everything.

HP wireless printer- it allows me to print documents from my phone which was awesome when it came to study-guides, power points, and other documents.


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