Fight Negativity

Monday Motivation Today during my morning drive, I found myself having a variety of emotions. I was angry at other drivers, most call it road range lol. At the same time I was stressing out over everything I need to do this week. I made my weekly todo list yesterday but, I still felt completely… Continue reading Fight Negativity

Anxiety/Depression, what not to say.

I can recall an incident where I was speaking with a woman who was crying hysterically, I asked her what was wrong but she couldn’t gather her thoughts. I told her to “calm down”, needless to say, that did no good. I asked her to sit and take a few breaths, which seemed to help.… Continue reading Anxiety/Depression, what not to say.

Quick tips to Maximize your Sunday to have a better Monday.

I know we all go through it, you know the Sunday blues, that feeling of dread on Sundays because tomorrow is Monday. Well with these tips you can maximize your Sunday to have a better Monday. Tip 1: Wake up a little earlier, I’m an early riser so this isn’t too bad for me, but… Continue reading Quick tips to Maximize your Sunday to have a better Monday.

Tips on How to Not Overspend This weekend.

If you are anything like me you really look forward to your days off, and you may tend to overspend on those brunches and shopping trips (or is this just me). Well I’ve come up with a few things to keep my spending in line and help save money. Tip 1: Plan and save ahead.… Continue reading Tips on How to Not Overspend This weekend.

Figure out who you are, and Stay the course!

One of the most rewarding things in life is knowing who you are. Here I'll tell my story about how I truly learned the definition and one of the ways I stay on the course. Let’s go down memory lane, several years ago to my 17-year-old self. I was sitting in my very first college… Continue reading Figure out who you are, and Stay the course!