Quick tips to Maximize your Sunday to have a better Monday.

I know we all go through it, you know the Sunday blues, that feeling of dread on Sundays because tomorrow is Monday. Well with these tips you can maximize your Sunday to have a better Monday.

Tip 1: Wake up a little earlier, I’m an early riser so this isn’t too bad for me, but waking up early is a good way to knock out your week planning, and do any other chores so you can enjoy the rest of your day.

Tip 2: Do a little self-care; give yourself a facial, run yourself a bath, or work on your mental health, whatever you need to do to treat yourself and relax. This will allow you to not focus so much on the long week ahead, but on yourself for a little bit. This has always given me a little power boost.

Tip 3: Try not to spend the day watching TV, although I know this one is tough. Think about it though, after spending a day watching TV do you ever feel rested? I know personally, I feel exhausted and like just wasted a day. Instead set a limit on the time you spend watching.

Lastly: I know this may sound way too simple, but get a good dinner and head to bed early. I know plenty of people, myself included who get so wrapped up in the day they go to bed late after consuming an unhealthy dinner (usually right before bed). Eating at least 2 hours prior to turning in for the night not only helps you sleep better, but helps you feel better in the morning.

I use all of these tips when I get the chance (I work some Sundays), and they always help me have a great day and a better Monday. I can clearly tell the difference on Monday mornings I don’t. I hope these tips help you as much as they’ve helped me.

XOXO Tanasia.


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