Everyone says you cant, So What!

I guess I should start by introducing myself. I’m Tanasia, a 26-year-old female who has spent the last couple of years as a cop (currently part-time). I also happen to be a Full-time nursing student. I know I’m super busy, so what the hell am I doing writing a blog. Well, I feel like I have something to say, someone to inspire, an impact to make, and maybe, just maybe change a life (even if it’s mine). Hmm a little more about me, I’m a fun loving, advice giving, person who truly believes that everyone has a calling. Mine happens to be a passion for helping others, so that’s what I will be attempting to do.

Now to the actual post, if you are anything like me, along my journey through life I’ve been constantly told what can’t do. In fact, during my high school years, my grandmother told me I wouldn’t graduate, but that’s a story for another time. I remember being 19 years old with my whole life ahead of me, bright-eyed a bushy-tailed. I was in the middle of making the biggest decision of my life, going into the police academy or stay at my “awesome” collections job making $12.50 per hour. In my defense I lived an apartment with my sister and had bills to pay, I was totally an adult. So naturally I went to my family for advice, let’s just say not all of them were as encouraging as one might think. The comments ranged from my small stature to how hard the work may be, some even went as far as to give me what would you do scenarios, before yelling “see, you can’t do it”. Now don’t get me wrong they had a ton of alternatives to what I should do with my life, however very few actually supported me going into law enforcement.

On to my old supervisor who told me that becoming a cop would be the worst mistake I would make and went on to lecture about how much money I could make in the exciting world of collections if I stayed. Long story short in the end I went to my local community college and applied to the Police Academy and the rest is history.

So how did I get the naysayers out of my head? The simple answer to that is I didn’t, at first, I did let it deter me for a while, I will be honest. However, I literally could not get the thought out of my head, I guess you could say I had a burning desire to help others, to do something, it was just too loud to ignore. What did I do? Well after many nights of prayer, one day I just decided to turn the negativity into a challenge, I took every doubt that anyone had verbalized to me and used it as motivation, I know, I know, it sounds like such a cliché. I took the term use your haters as motivators to a new level. The conversation in my head went a little something like this.

Everyone: you can’t do it, you’re only 5’2, what are you going to do if someone tries to kill you? How are you going to arrest anyone, I would just run?

Myself: Man, they said I can’t do it, I probably can’t wait a minute…..if other people have done it then WTF so can I. alright you SOB’s I will shut you up…I need to show myself I CAN do this**** Eye of the Tiger starts playing.

In all seriousness, if you remember these things, you’ll be able to shut out negative thoughts from anyone’s family included.

  1. If it has been done, then it can be done
  2. Yes, you will have to bust your ass for the things you want and sometimes even struggle
  3. Use negativity as motivation, and not just in the conventional sense. I mean every time something goes wrong in your plan, think to yourself; they said I would quit, they predicted my struggle, but I won’t stop I will prove to myself I’m more than what they think of me.
  4. Life isn’t about proving people wrong (that’s just a sweet perk), but following your calling.
  5. Always play Eye of the Tiger in your head when shit hits the fan (this one always works for me)

In short, I believe I was called to be a Police Officer, so I took every doubt and turned it into a reason to push forward, and through the grace of God, I did. I prayed a lot, and yes I cried a lot but it made me stronger and showed me that through all of my mess I came out not only a better person. But someone people can use as an example. I did it, and I say SO CAN YOU!



5 thoughts on “Everyone says you cant, So What!”

      1. LOL I am sorry to make you feel awkward, I appreciate your bravery and what you do for us. Btw, you have excellent bIog posts, I can’t wait to read more!


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